Get Glowing Tanned Skin Without Damaging Your Skin?

Some may like the fair-toned skin; some may like the tanned skin. But the problem comes when you have one type, but you want to be the other way around. But don’t you worry, as we have many methods to achieve different skin tones nowadays.

Although not every method can be considered safe, sometimes it’s fine to go for it if you want that earnestly.

Get Glowing Tanned Skin Without Damaging Your SkinMethods

You can just use a product like a shimmer tanning lotion to get that glowy sun-kissed skin immediately. The result might not last long, but it will give you an exact look like tanned skin. But if you want that longer-lasting tanned glow, then you might like to follow the other methods.


The most readily available method is this one. But it has some problems as well. A sunbath may give you just the right skin color, but it can burn or damage your skin as well. The other problem is it might not tan your skin evenly.

But on the other hand, a tanning session on the beach with your friends or even if you are alone can be a relaxing experience for you.

Sun exposure for too long will not only damage your skin from the outside, but it can harm your internal organs as well. I might sound scary to you, but it’s not as bad as you think it is now. All you need to do is to keep some safety measures on your mind.

Harmful UVB and UVA rays present in the sun rays can penetrate your skin and cause skin cancer. So if you are planning to go for a sunbath, take sunscreen with you. Apply the sunscreen every 2 hours to get the best protection from the harmful rays.

Tanning Sessions

If you like to get the tanned skin more frequently and can’t go to have a sunbathe on the beach every time, you can just go for a tanning session in an expert tanning parlor. People even have machines in their homes to make the process even easy.

Although it might be risky to operate a machine like this on your own, if you learn how to do it properly, it can be used safely.

But the best thing is to go for a tanning session to an expert tanning parlor and do it under the surveillance of the specialists present there.

Just make sure that their track record is good, and the parlor is a reputed one. Otherwise, you may end up with permanent damage that cannot be undone.

Other Temporary Methods

Nowadays, people are more clever than ever, and they are coming up with new ways of getting what they want more quickly. Various kinds of lotions and sprays are available in the market that will give you exact tanned skin. On top of that, you don’t need to go through all the hassle of getting a sunbath or tanning session.

Think about all the money you will save and also you can have your beautiful suntanned skin whenever you want without worrying about damaging the skin.

Best tanning oil for fair skin may also help you to get that glowy finish. You may choose a lotion, spray, oil according to your skin and preference of finish, and it will give your skin moisturization instead of damaging it. Now it’s up to you that what you want because every method has its pros and cons.


You may desire to get that tanned skin, but don’t sacrifice the skin’s health for that. If you damage your skin once, you may not recover it completely, or it may take too much time, which may not be worth it.